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Rupes Bigfoot

Rupes Bigfoot
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Different from a standard rotary machine, The LHR 21ES is a random orbital polisher with a 21m..
£306.00 Ex Tax: £255.00
180mm Coarse Blue Pads for the Rupes Bigfoot Polishing System. Use with the Zephir compound for best..
£25.43 Ex Tax: £21.19
180mm Medium Green Pads for the Rupes Bigfoot Polishing System. The unique large cell c..
£25.43 Ex Tax: £21.19
180mm Fine Yellow Pads for the Rupes Bigfoot Polishing System. The most versatile of the Big..
£25.43 Ex Tax: £21.19
Specifically designed for the last step of the finishing process, this compound gives the surface a ..
£39.70 Ex Tax: £33.08
This compound is specially formulated to be effective on clear coats that are particularly hard. The..
£31.75 Ex Tax: £26.46
This compound contains medium grit abrasive that easily and quickly corrects small surface scratches..
£32.77 Ex Tax: £27.31
This high performance compound is recommended for the first polishing step. Its grain, the most aggr..
£40.85 Ex Tax: £34.04