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GYS Airfix Draw Aligner Dent Removal Station

When applying coatings, it is essential that suitable PPE is worn.

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he AIRFIX DRAW ALIGNER is an indispensable asset for auto-body specialists performing dent removal work. The patented design features a non-glued, recessed seal that can be changed in a matter of moments. In addition, 4 pads in the vacuum prevent the gasket from slipping, which makes it even more robust. It is easily one of the most reliable dent pulling systems on the market.

The suction cup plate is equipped with 4 rubber pads, which absorb the shearing forces when pulling.

The surrounding seal is recessed without glue.

The seal and the pads are easily replaceable.

Pulling capacity up to 350 kg across the whole height of the unit.

Max. pulling height of 1.30 m.

Crank winch with Ø6 mm wire rope (1.5 ton tensile strength). Slide system to adjust the pulling height in seconds and without the need for any tools.

Angled gear to facilitate downward pulling


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