Colour Matching Service

Do you have a colour that you can't find a match for?

For example

  • Many manufactures when combining parts some of which are powder coated and some wet sprayed find they have a colour difference even though they use the same paint reference for both we can formulate a custom colour for your company to match the powder coat which will eliminate this problem.
  • During the refurbishment of machinery, computer equipment and furniture have difficulty matching the original colours and paint finishes

Using a mix of modern and traditional colour matching techniques our highly trained and experienced staff can match even the most difficult of colour and supply them in a wide range of products and gloss levels

We have the knowledge and the tools to match almost any colour that you need, With our comprehensive colour matching tools and many years’ experience in matching paints all we need is a sample of the colour,

A credit card sized or bigger sample is all that is required

We can provide matches for all road vehicles, Caravans, Kitchens, Aeroplanes, Helicopters, Metalwork, Trains, Building Architecture…

If you would like to ask a question about our colour matching service, please call us on 01253 626907 or contact us via our contact page