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Norton Pro Rotolo Foam 115mm x 25m

When applying coatings, it is essential that suitable PPE is worn.

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Rotolo foam pre-cut sheets, are ideal for fine sanding flat, contoured, round and curved surfaces. The combination of high-performance A275 non-loading sandpaper and the special Rotolo foam backing makes this product ideal for sanding waterborne and solvent-based coatings where controlling cut and generating a uniform consistent finish is critical.

P120, P150, P180 Cleaning/repairing minor defects, removing putty and fillers P220, P240, P280 Final sanding and removing coarse grit scratches P320, P400 Feather edging, scuffing primer or new parts before painting, sealer sanding P500, P600 Final sanding for base coat, between coat sanding of top coats P800, P1000 Sanding clear coats to remove minor defects

Roll size 115mm x 25m 

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