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Guide to spray painting with aerosols

Posted by Martin Brown Paints 11/08/2017 0 Comment(s) Tips and Tricks,

Guide to spray painting with aerosols

This is hopefully an easy to follow guide to spray painting with aerosol cans,


The items used in this guide are a single scotch cloth which is used to lightly abrade the surface off the item to be painted (it is similar to a brillo pad), a Monofill Etch Primer Aerosol and we used various colours of our Ral And British Standard spray cans.


(For more details on the individual products used or to purchase click on the items when theyre underlined & blue)


Step1 is to use the scotch cloth, you should aim to take the all gloss off the item to be painted so the item appears dull, and very lightly scratch the surface providing a key.



Step 2 is applying a coat of primer to the frame, As these frames are plastic we could use a plastic primer which tends to be transparent and doesnt have any build to it,

However we wanted to have a little build to the primer so we opted for etch primer which contains a small amount of acid to lightly burn or 'etch' its way into the item.

(When painting an item that hasnt been painted before it is important to use the correct primer, Etch primer will adhere to most items but if you are unsure give us a call or an email)



First coat of primer applied,

Apply several light coats in a 'criss cross' fashion to make sure you coat the whole item even in the more intricate parts

(Dont apply it too heavy or you can lose some of the detail or have runs)


'Scotched' & 'Primed'


And finally step 3 is to apply the topcoat, We went for Ral 3015 HELLROSA ,


First coat of topcoat


Again apply several light coats in a 'criss cross' fashion , Dont apply it to heavy or you may get runs


Steps 1,2 & 3


If you dont like the colour or change your mind at a later date simply give the item a quick 'scotch' and repaint, no need for primer unless its bare plastic,metal etc


Ral 3015 - BS 538 - Ral 1036



Have a go yourself! Thanks for reading!

Martin Brown Paints