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NCS aerosol spray paint now available to order online

Posted by Martin Brown Paints 15/08/2017 0 Comment(s) News and Reviews,

NCS / Natural Colour System aerosols now available to order online

The Natural Color System (NCS) is a proprietary perceptual color model. It is based on the color opponency hypothesis of color vision, first proposed by German physiologist Ewald Hering.[1] The current version of the NCS was developed by the Swedish Colour Centre Foundation, from 1964 onwards.

The research team consisted of Anders Hård, Lars Sivik and Gunnar Tonnquist, who in 1997 received the AIC Judd award for their work.[2][3] The system is based entirely on the phenomenology of human perception and not on color mixing. It is illustrated by a color atlas, marketed by NCS Colour AB in Stockholm.

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